Which Gazebo Ideas Best Suit Your Outdoor Area?

Which Gazebo Ideas Best Suit Your Outdoor Area?

Designing a home is an exciting project, especially when the indoors are complete and you get to focus on your outdoor space. Sectioning your outdoor area can be a challenge and is often where you will begin to think about what you want to use the space for. Will you be entertaining guests? How much empty lawn space are you hoping for? And will your yard require elements of shade?

An excellent way to help section your home and create an enjoyable, shady outdoor environment for you and your guests is with a backyard gazebo. Check out these gazebo ideas to help optimise your outdoor area.

Timber gazebo

A timber gazebo is a sturdy structure that, depending on the size, can usually fit at least five people underneath. There are many different styles you can choose from, starting with the number of timber pillars used to prop up the gazebo coverage, most popularly having four to eight pillars. You can also stick to the classic timber gazebo roof or opt for a thatched roof for a more tropical feel. A timber gazebo is an excellent option for those hoping for outdoor shelter that can comfortably fit outdoor furniture or seating areas underneath.

Portable gazebo

Portable gazebo options are great for a home that needs temporary shade, either for events or just to maximise yard space. These gazebos can come in different styles to suit your tastes, including plastic or tarp-like tent materials. Pop up gazebos are also available in this form, created to improve the ease and efficiency of product assembly. For those who are hoping for some short-term shade coverage that can also double up as a bug shield, these gazebos are the way to go.

Garden gazebo

A garden gazebo is traditionally found alongside a garden or within a garden setting where people can retreat and enjoy the scenery. These gazebos stand as a focal point of the garden and the placement of one can really enliven your outdoor space. If you’re hoping to create a shady place near your flowerbeds, there’s nearly an endless possibility when it comes to design and theme to suit your garden.

Ideas for decorating your gazebo

Once your gazebo of choice is in place, you don’t have to stop there with your outdoor design plans. There are many ways you can decorate your new statement yard piece, especially when it comes to gazebo lights. Enhance your space with spotlights facing around your gazebo, or add a more delicate touch with some stringed fairy lights. For optimum power efficiency, you can choose options that use solar energy. Depending on what mood you want your outdoor setting to have, if you’re looking into a wooden gazebo, decide whether warm or cool lighting will best suit your tastes.

How are you planning to decorate (or re-decorate) your outdoor area? If you’ve decided to incorporate a classic gazebo into your yard, or are after some lighting decorations, you can find what you’re looking for on Gumtree Australia. If you need ideas for a patio area or under a pergola, you can search for these too.

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