World’s first floating smartphone


If you’ve ever experienced that sense of helplessness and panic when you’ve spilled a drink on your phone, left it in your board shorts as you’ve dived into the ocean on holiday, or accidentally dropped it in the toilet, then you’ll be happy to know that someone has finally invented the world’s first floating smartphone. With an expected release date of April 2016, the COMET is a result of over two years of research and development, and is backed by a team of entrepreneurs with backgrounds in engineering, quantum physics, business, and banking.

Since 2007, damaged iPhones have cost users almost $6 Billion, according to a well-known warranty repair company, with nearly one-third of that cost due to damage caused by rain, spills or immersion in water. While several android brands have produced water-resistant phones, none can match the IP (Ingress Protection) rating of the COMET, making it water proof, dust proof and buoyant in water. Here’s a peek at some of the exciting technical features you might expect from the COMET:

• Android 6.0 OS at launch
• Works over 3G, 4G and WiFi networks
• Powered with a super-fast Qualcomm 2GHZ processor
• Technology suitable worldwide and phone is sold unlocked
• 4.7” display and a long lasting 2800mAh battery
• 4Gb RAM and 32Gb or 64Gb memory
• IPx7 resistant against dust and water so your data is safe
• Powerful 16 mega pixel camera with image stabilization, wide angle optics, and high definition video capability
• Dual front and rear camera can take simultaneous photos
• Q-Lock offers military grade encryption and protects your privacy

Looking beyond the nuts and bolts, this sleek and stylish phone comes in a range of colours and even offers personalized LED lighting based on your mood. For most of us, our mobile phone is like a little time capsule of our lives with photos, music, messages, and all our contacts at our fingertips. While it doesn’t walk on water, the tough COMET will allow you to safely capture and store all the bits, bytes and pixels of your life whether you’re walking in the rain, surfing in the sea, or having a few drinks with friends.

You can purchase this super smartphone starting from USD $329 when it comes out in April 2016, or pre-order it today for just under USD $250 for the 32 GB version. If April is just too long to wait for a shiny new phone, use an online phone price checker to upgrade your current phone, sell an old one, or get started on your Christmas shopping and buy the perfect mobile phone for someone you love.

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