Your Guide to Home Office Ideas & Accessories

Your Guide To Home Office Ideas & Accessories

Starting a new business venture or even setting up a home office can be taxing—in more ways than one. To cut costs, you can get home office furniture packages and new and used office furniture that are inexpensive without looking cheap.

If dollars are the driver of your office furniture decision-making, let’s assume that space—or the lack of it—is paramount. Now consider there are really only two areas where you can set up your budget office furniture and accessories.

Choose your living area

If you’re in an apartment, this can be a challenge. You need to find a corner that’s as “out of the way” as possible. This means you have to look at the entire space from a new perspective.

You can’t simply set a desk and a chair in a part of the room that’s not already being occupied in some way. Draw up a rough floor plan and make sure it’s to scale.

Once everything is moved around, determine what amount of space is actually available for your desk, chair and anything else you need.

Many of the same challenges apply if you’re setting up office space in your bedroom—and you’ll have to factor in things like computer screen glare. If your computer screen is facing you, you won’t sleep a wink! Keep everything out of your pillow’s line of sight and always keep it tidy.

Trying different floorplan configurations will help you visualise what goes where.

Factor in light and power

Natural light is an intrinsic element of your living space with a real effect on your health and wellbeing. Sunlight empowers our brains to produce a hormone called serotonin that can boost energy levels. The sun also lets endorphins—our “feel-good hormones”—kick in. Plus, natural light is easier on the eyes when you’re working, and it costs nothing.

The other element is electricity. Set up where you have access to power points for your equipment as well as any direct lighting you might want on your desk. If you need to, call the experts in to rearrange your power supply—Gumtree Australia can help.

De-noise & declutter

It’s your living space, so keep work paraphernalia out of the way as much as possible. A fold-up desk is a practical space-saving alternative. Team that with a vintage suitcase to hold all your bits and pieces when you’re not working and this old “port” can sit as a work of art.

A good set of headphones or earphones is a simple way to shut out the noise around you and maintain concentration. Listen to music or even business audiobooks and power through the hours you need to succeed.

If space isn’t the main issue but prudence is, you’ll find an amazing array of cheap office furniture including office chairs, desks, shelves and credenzas. It may be second hand office furniture but it still has plenty of life left in it for your needs—whether you work from home or have a burgeoning business. You’ll find all this and much more at Gumtree Australia.

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