Your Guide to Home Theatre, Sound Systems, Speakers and Accessories

Your Guide To Home Theatre, Sound Systems, Speakers And Accessories

Bringing the cinematic exhilaration and the excitement of a live concert into your living room is now a heart-pumping reality without the heart-stopping price tags. Now is the time to transform the way you enjoy next-level entertainment at home, so let’s consider how to make that happen.

Home theatres

For a great home theatre entertainment unit or Bluetooth home theatre, the set-up is everything. It’s best to have your screen on the narrowest wall in the room. That way it’s both a focal point and the surround sound will stream with less diffusion. Then, work out the best viewing spot in the room for you and everyone else in the family.

The best picture-quality TVs

Whether it’s a large flatscreen TV or a home TV projector, the immersive enjoyment of what you watch is predicated by the quality of the screen you’re glued to.

  • With TV screens topping out at a massive 98 inches, the Samsung range of QLED (Quantum Light-Emitting Diode) screens delivers sensational colours and clarity.
  • LG OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) TVs produce vibrant colours. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) delivers crisper whites and darker blacks.
  • With a subwoofer integrated into the unit, the Sony Bravia also boasts a Pixel Control Booster for sharper image definition.
  • The Panasonic OLED range of TVs offers brilliant picture clarity thanks to its 4K HDR technology. 4K generates four times more pixels than HDTVs.
  • Hitachi has Android TV connectivity and brilliant picture quality. It also features QLED screen resolution.

Home theatre projectors

A new era of “ultra-short throw” home theatre projectors don’t need much room to project (“throw”) amazing images on large surfaces like a wall or screen.

  • The Anker range of projectors not only deliver stunning imagery and high resolution, they act as Bluetooth speakers as well.
  • The Epson range uses a laser light source for brilliant projection and they include Android TV and Google Play features.
  • A proven leader in home entertainment technology, Sony has a range of projectors to deliver great images on any flat surface.


There’s a broad spectrum of great home theatre speakers on the market to add the final touches to your entertainment setup—and the right sound can make all the difference.

  • The Sonos home theatre system is simply great. Because they’re Bluetooth, they’re no trouble to install and no messy cabling. Plus, they deliver richness and depth.
  • Not well known but exceedingly good, the Dali home theatre speaker package generates dynamic sound and delicate notes that flutter across your lounge room.
  • Another great performer is the Q Acoustic range, housed in rich timber cabinets and belting out equally sumptuous tones with superb clarity.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to creating your ideal home theatre unit: outdoor weatherproof speakers, soundbars and subwoofers, ceiling-mounted projectors and speakers, and automatic panoramic screens. Whatever you need and everything else you want in a home theatre entertainment unit is waiting for you at Gumtree Australia. Why not start by looking at some free-standing speakers?

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