Your Guide to Pool Landscaping Options and Styles

Your Guide To Pool Landscaping Options And Styles

Your swimming pool is a centrepiece of your alfresco living. It’s the embodiment of Australia’s love of melding indoor and outdoor lifestyles, helping maximise the enjoyment you get from your entire home from boundary to boundary, not just wall to wall. If pool landscaping is on your agenda, there are a few things to consider.

Budget considerations

How much you want to spend to turn your imaginings into an idyllic reality predicates what you can actually plan. A large factor is the environment, the unique place your pool sits in. The physical constraints of access, neighbouring structures and even the shape of your existing pool and completing the landscape construction around it without damaging the pool all play a part in this planning phase.

Timing is everything

From your initial pool landscaping ideas to enlisting professional landscapers to draw up plans takes time. Then there’s the build phase including securing the right landscaping materials and supplies. If you’re considering a “reopening” of your pool for a certain date—when spring has sprung, perhaps—factor in all the steps along the way.

Stay safe

Finally, but all-importantly, is safety. You have to allow for local council requirements, of course, but more than that, you need to sleep easy. In other words, you must plan for all the scenarios where safety is an issue and add whatever you need to ensure the welfare of your children, visiting kids and anyone else is a top priority.

Design, create and decorate

Working out from the water, your pool landscape pavers set the design direction. Choose from travertine or sandstone, Bali stone or Bluestone, and much more. Further away from the pool you can use landscaping pebbles between larger landscaping stones to stunning effect.

Think big. Look at your entire backyard, not just the pool surrounds, and take a holistic approach to create an entire realm you’ll love. This could include children’s play areas, water features and decorative or even practical herb and veggie gardens. Let your imagination run wild.

Then set the scene. This is the fun part, adding the pool accessories and outdoor furniture that complete the picture.

Light and durable, rattan furniture comes in natural fibres and manmade resins that offer you a wide choice of complementary poolside colours. For a more solid look, timber outdoor furniture makes great focal points. Team these with pool lounges and even inflatable lounges to bob about in. Then throw in all the pool toys to keep you splashing about and having fun.

When it’s time to relax, don’t overlook what’s up above—the harsh Australian sun. Team large outdoor umbrellas with your lounge and alfresco dining areas. Even better, broad shade sails can even be extended strategically over parts of the pool.

Stock up with chlorine and other necessary supplies and your pool landscaping has now transformed your backyard into the focal point of your home. Make the most of your very special version of the outdoors at Gumtree Australia. Why not seek out the barbecue you’ve always wanted and outdoor heaters for when the sun goes down?

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