Your ultimate guide to picture frames

Your Ultimate Guide To Picture Frames

You can really add a sense of ‘home’ with picture frames, from showcasing your favourite art to cherished family pics. Let’s get started.

Begin with a clean slate—a clear, uncluttered wall. Then consider what frame goes where. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you could add a progression of childhood snaps running up a staircase. Or you could opt for a classic portrait over the mantlepiece. Give some thought to what will look best and complement the decor around it. Remember, declutter first so you can see the big picture. Pun intended!

Getting framed

Gold picture frames, silver picture frames, metal or timber frames or no frames at all? When you consider what you’re framing and where you want it to hang, the options will become clear. Don’t be afraid to be irregular—mix it up with different sized frames to make it quirky. If you’re being bold, choose black frames against a white background.

An important part of the overall look is the frame within the frame. A “mat” is the paper or board that surrounds the image within the actual frame itself. To play it safe, white, off-white or cream tones will never fight the image and give it free space to shine.

Get it covered

Almost all picture frames have either glass or clear acrylic that your image will sit safely behind. Either way, make sure it has been treated for UV protection to keep your image’s colours sharp and vibrant as the outside light streams in.

The exception is oil on canvas which is virtually impervious to sunlight and looks better uncovered anyway.

Delicate works like watercolours and printed colour photos should stay in the shade away from harsh direct sunlight. You can always reprint photos, but faded watercolours are a ghostly reminder of the fine art they once were.

Glass has the advantage of absolute clarity. Trouble is, glass is heavy and it’s breakable, which is double trouble if you’ve got a rowdy family. Acrylic is virtually unbreakable (it won’t shatter) and it’s lightweight.

Hang the expense

You’ll need a tape measure and a soft-point pencil. Hold the framed piece where you want it to appear and make a mark on the wall at the top centre of the frame. Then turn the picture over and measure how far from the top of the frame the wire will “hang” on an imaginary hook. From the dot on the wall measure down that “hanging” distance and make a mark. That’s where your picture hook hits the wall.

Before you get the hammer out, stop! Are the picture hooks rated for the weight they have to carry? Large picture frames will require stronger hooks. If the answer to the first question is “not sure”, then use three-nail picture hooks rated for at least the frame’s weight.

A little creativity and some unbridled imagination go a long way. So, grab all the artwork supplies you need and get scribbling, sketching and painting. From cheap picture frames online to custom picture frames, we’ve got everything you need at Gumtree Australia.

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