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Lexus Origami Car

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For most of us, a car is a functional necessity that takes us to work, the shops, or dinner with friends. But to some, cars are more than just an assortment of parts that shuttle us around from one place to another. Zoom in and be impressed by what’s behind the most popular cars on the market.

Japanese manufacturer Toyota’s high-end arm, Lexus, urges their technicians to aspire to be takumi; a term used to describe master craftsmen who have perfected their skills over many years. Recently, Lexus took inspiration from the ancient art of Origami and combined it with modern architectural and a digital design technique to build a functioning IS sedan made primarily from sheets of precision-cut cardboard. The process of creating a 3D design, laser cutting, and bonding 1700 pieces of cardboard onto a steel and aluminium frame took five people over 3 months to complete. But the end result is an impressive piece of functional, recyclable engineering with a full interior, working doors, and rotating wheels.

This commitment to workmanship is not new in car manufacturing. In fact, another Japanese manufacturer, Nissan, has designated four master craftsmen to be the sole assemblers of the sporty Nissan GT-R. One of the most highly acclaimed sports cars, each GT-R engine bears the name of the takumi craftsman who assembled it. In fact, many GT-R owners, including American late night host Jay Leno, have made the trek to Nissan’s Yokohama plant to meet the master craftsman that built their particular car.

The Japanese ideal of master craftsmanship doesn’t end there though. The almost 100 year old Mazda Motor Corporation made a name for themselves in the 1960’s as the developers and sole manufacturers of the powerful and lightweight Wankel rotary engine – a technology that was abandoned by other companies due to its complexity. While Mazda no longer use this engine in their mainstream car models, their sports division thrives on this unique technology even today.

So next time you think your car is just an engine and four wheels, it’s worth taking a moment to zoom in and take a closer look. And if you’re in the market for a new quality car, test drive Gumtree for quality cars at great prices.

2013 Mazda CX-9 Wagon – $37,000
Image credit: Gumtree user
Mazda CX9
Take a closer look. This is not your parents’ old wagon. This roomy and luxurious CX-9 will fit a family of 7 but still make sure you arrive in style.

2012 Mazda BT50 Ute – $37,800
Image credit: Gumtree user
Mazda BT50 2
Leather seats, blue tooth, and a great sound system: there’s a lot to like when you zoom in for a better look.

2016 Mazda MX5 Coupe – $45,000
Image credit: Gumtree user
Mazda MX5
You’ll definitely get noticed when you zoom around in this sporty little number.

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